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DotA 2 Blog is a blog about DotA 2, a Valve’s game which is the sequel of the DotA map on Warcraft III. If you got any suggestion or feedback, please let us know. Enjoy the blog!

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 | 4 comments
Latest update : May 22, 2011


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  3. Igen, tudom. Ez a funkció van már a ACR 6.7-ben is, amit én használok (LR-t nem tudom megszokni), de valahogy csökkenti a szaturációt is, így ritkán használom. Szerencsére, itt tényleg enyhe ez a hiba, a PanaLeica ebben rosszabb volt.

  4. I have been harvesting ‘accidental’ pumpkins for the past few weeks. If you end up harvesting them before your summer is over you could make a pumpkin chutney/relish. It’s beautiful with cold meats and quiches. We discovered a least a dozen growing down the steep hill on our property and it was quite an effort to reach them. Some creature or creatures had eaten two whole pumpkins – completely hollowed them out! We have to net our peach trees as bats and possums love them and as they are protected no critter harvesting is allowed!

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