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Abyssal Blade

Abyssal Blade is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Weapons.

Abyssal Blade

Abyssal Blade (6750)


The lost blade of the Commander of the Abyss, this edge cuts into an enemy’s soul.
+10 Strength
+85 Damage
Overwhelm (Active)
Stun a target enemy unit for 2 seconds. Goes through Magic Immunity.
Range: 140
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Manacost: 150
Bash (Passive)
Gives a chance to stun for 1.4 seconds and 60 bonus damage.
Bash Chance for Melee Heroes: 25%
Bash Chance for Ranged Heroes: 10%
Cooldown: 2.3 Seconds
Abyssal Blade cannot be purchased by Slardar, Faceless Void, Troll Warlord, or Spirit Breaker.
Sacred RelicSkull Basher
Life StealerAnti MageRiki

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