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Battle Fury

Battle Fury is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Weapons.

Battle Fury

Battle Fury (4575)


Battle Fury Info
The bearer of this mighty axe gains the ability to cut down swaths of enemies at once.
+6 HP regeneration
+150% Mana regeneration
+55 Damage
Battle Fury Ability
Cleave (Passive)
Deals a percent of attack damage in a 225 radius around the target. Does not work on ranged heroes.
Cleave damage on non-primary targets is not reduced by armor values.
Cleave Damage: 35%
Cleave Radius: 280
Destroy Tree/Ward (Active)
Destroy a target tree or a ward.
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Range (Tree): 350
Range (Ward): 350
Quell (Passive)
Gives bonus attack damage against non-hero units, depending on the type of hero you are.
Melee Bonus: 60%
Ranged Bonus: 25%
Battle Fury Recipe
PerseveranceBroadswordClaymoreQuelling Blade
Battle Fury Upgrade
Battle Fury Tips
Battle Fury fully stacks with other Battle Furies and other cleave abilities.
Battle Fury Recommended Heroes
Bounty HunterJuggernautPhantom Assassin

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