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Desolator is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Artifacts.


Desolator (3500)


Desolator Info
A wicked weapon, used in torturing political criminals.
+50 Damage
Desolator Ability
Corruption (Passive)
Your attacks reduce target’s armor.
Desolator is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers.
Armor Reduction: 7
Duration: 15
Desolator Recipe
Mithril HammerMithril HammerRecipe (300)
Desolator Upgrade
Desolator Tips
The Corruption work on building. This made Desolator the perfect Unique Attack Modifiers for pusher heroes like Natures Prophet or Lycanthrope
Desolator Recommended Heroes
Templar AssassinNatures ProphetLycanthrope

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