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DOTA 2 Ancient Apparition Guide, Build & Strategy

DOTA 2 Ancient ApparitionDOTA 2 Ancient Apparition Guide, Build, and Strategy.¬†Ancient Apparition is a versatile spellcaster with the unusual ability to strike enemies at long distances. With practice, his Ice Blast can strike any point on the battlefield, and deals damage in a wide diameter. It’s perfect for laying waste to enemies clumped together in a fight and allows Ancient Apparition to be an integral part of team fights even when he’s on the other side of the map. Cold Feet is useful to slow the movement speed of targets, and if afflicted enemies can’t get safely out of range within four seconds, they’ll be frozen in their tracks. This is particularly beneficial in team fights because an enemy that is frozen is an enemy that can’t fight back. Ice Vortex is another of Ancient Apparition’s abilities that focuses on immobilizing his enemies. Ice Vortex condenses Ancient Apparition’s frost power into a single spinning vortex of ice that slows enemies while they are standing inside it and increases all magic damage taken. But Ancient Apparition’s spells aren’t limited just to increasing his own effectiveness in battle. Chilling Touch enchants allied heroes and gives bonus magical attack damage to your teammates.

DOTA 2 Ancient Appariton

Affiliation: The Dire
Type: Intelligence

Ancient Apparition Skills
Coming Soon!

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