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Posted by on May 8, 2011 | 598 comments

DotA 2 Beta Keys – Contest & Giveaways

DotA 2 Beta Keys Contest and Giveaways. Some recent information has revealed that there will be Beta Keys for the DotA 2. This post will help you stay updated if there are more news about DotA 2

Beta Keys Giveaways and Contest. Stay tuned!

On Going Contest 

DotaCinemas Giveaway
Dota2Casts Giveaway
JoinDotas Contest
Dota Commentaries Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway
DLG Giveaway
OccupyValve [Protest!]

Finished Contest


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  1. eh quiero jugar dota 2

  2. wow its cool!!!!!!

  3. I am waiting for this I am also a very skilled dota player and looking for a team for dota 2, if you want me to tryout or if you are polite please send me an inventation :

  4. send: “”

  5. I love this game i play it mby about 5 years .. dota i mean now valve create a super good game dota2 i want a key for beta plz send it to me

  6. Can I get a key? Played wc3 dota for 3-4 years, and I’d rly love to get the beta key. Send it to

  7. I have been waiting for this to come out for so long, I’m so sick of playing LoL… Could someone throw me a dota 2 beta key my way…


    My name is Adrian. I am a huge fan of Defense of the Ancients and I really love
    DotA. I want to play DotA 2 and you can provide me that. I don’t know what I can say, please, have mercy! If You are able to trust me, I
    will be honored.

  9. I would like to ask you about beta key.
    I really love DotA, I am a huge fan. I’ve played DotA since about 6 years. I really want to help you with improving this project by playing beta and make this game even
    better. I swear you will hear feedback from me.


    • i want to dota 2 key,,,someone please tell me…

  11. Dota Commentaries Giveaway is offline now to new people

  12. Beta keys PLS the game looks so much better than original dota can’t w8 for the release of the game , they are doing a great job.

  13. all my friend love dota2 so much but we don’t know how to get it. we try to search internet everyday. if someone can help me please contact to thank in advance.

  14. key dota2 beta ^_^

  15. hello i need a beta key for streaming to czech and slovak people with commented with microphone but we dont have this people andi am in dote pro player write me on email :

  16. hello i need a beta key for streaming to czech and slovak people with commented with microphone but we dont have this people and i am in dota good player write me on email : thx

  17. Please I am begging you, please give me a dota 2 key, i have been crying everyday because i cannot play it. I have been watching gameplays only.

  18. i want a beta key please

  19. beta key xD

  20. I wanna have beta key please (

  21. i want dota2 beta key…. can u give me 1 pls…..
    my email tnx in advance :))

  22. Dear Admin
    Currently, I’m trading a games room, 24 computers.
    if possible, please let me ask a key dota 2.
    Thank you very much.

  23. sana mabigyan aq kahit bulok aq

  24. i whant a dota2 key….<3

  25. i would like a dota2 key

  26. i would like a dota2 key

  27. Please please please send me the keys.. I promise I will be grateful to u alwayzzz

    My id is


  28. I’d appriciate if someone could get me a key before my birthday at the 21.11 ! 🙂

  29. Beta key pls

  30. come on !beta key~god bless me!

  31. Please can some1 give me a dota2 beta key ! been searching and tryin for so long to get one :((( … please email me if u could be so kind 😛 would be greatly appreciated !

  32. Please can some1 give me a dota2 beta key ! been searching and tryin for so long to get one :((( … please email me if u could be so kind 😛 would be greatly appreciated !

  33. Pls Give Me Dota2 Beta keys Thk u very much BOSS
    I wan TO PLAY DOTA2 can’t wait

  34. I Would do anything! I mean anything for a dota2 beta key! ;(

  35. i really want to get dota 2 key to practise before ob so if its possible please give me one

    • i would like dota 2 key i am from russia i would realy wanted dota 2 at e-mail

  36. dota 2 betakey pleasee , im really looking forward to a new dota experience 🙁 !

    • Wait to long…N then Lag..

  37. Send me DotA2 key please (

  38. I love the Dota, i’m from russia, can i get a key at Please) Thanks for Dota2!


  40. plsss send me a dota 2 beta plss this is my wish for this christmas

  41. Your chances of getting a beta key are slim. Currently the max players I have seen throughout the beta was 13000. They have only given out a minimal number of keys. Hopefully they increase the number of invites soon.

  42. pls invite me to dota2 .. i really wanna play dota2 .. pls .. steam ID : ILAILAxy or send me key to .. pls

  43. Please send me key,i am from Serbia and i love dota & DOTA 2=>

    Thnx Dota2!

  44. I also would be very glad to receive a dota 2 beta key! plz send me one!

  45. all of my friends got beta keys only i am left alone :((. Please can i get a beta key?

  46. i am pro dota player could u please send me some kyes i wanna try it with my team so we pay when it is official my e_mail is (

  47. I would also appriciate if you sent me a dota 2 key too please: thankyo very much 🙂

  48. key plss 🙁

  49. love you guys! dota 2 key pls

  50. beta key please!!!!!!!!!!!!


    plz plz plz plz plz … a delta key … no no a charlie …. oh wait … yeah … the beta key

  52. i need beta key (

  53. PLZ

  54. congratulation! new winner has been picked! (20 winners) get your key here

    • here?

  55. send me key now!!!

  56. send me beta keys please
    may god reward you with a commensurate with what you did to me

  57. send me beta keys please

    may god reward you with a commensurate with what you did to me

  58. pls pls pls send me dota key i want it! i want dota key for play dota 2 send me beta key pls my

  59. where can i download the game?

  60. I really love dota 2, i would really appreciate it to have the beta key XD

  61. 1 beta key PLZ :/:/

  62. One beta Dota2 Key plz <3 !!!

  63. my email :

  64. want beta key please
    wana be the 1st to have a beta key in my country :3

  65. Love the games based on dota, would love to try the beta and help make dota 2 better, can i has beta key pls?

  66. there are huge amounts of people waiting for beta keys/release, I’m one of them! or steam: taylan23

  67. i also want a beta key

  68. Low probability but still gonna try.
    Please send me a key : Avi Sanwal

  69. Beta plz
    Steam: Countertus49

    Thx, i would sell my body 😀

  70. i love dota please 1 key ;( i want to play dota2 :

  71. i love dota very much please 1 key (

  72. i want DotA 2

  73. want dota 2 key please

  74. I would love a beta key!
    If someone could gimme one I would be so happy !
    here is my email:
    Thx anyway 🙂


  76. Hi I’m crazy about dota.
    I wonder if you’d mind sending me a key too.
    My Email:

  77. I really loved DotA and LoL games ! But for now they are some kind of boring…. I hope if you will give me DotA 2 Beta Key it will never be boring for me ! so PLEASE GIVE ME 1 my email :

  78. give me a key!!! i love dota and hon! but not lol. my mail is

  79. i freaking love dota 2 and this page please 2 beta keys if you guys can.. 1 is ok.. email:

  80. please dota key 1 to me,,,,

  81. Could I Have Beta Key I’m A Big Fan Of Dota ! 🙂

  82. please send me the key dota 1 is boring now i want real fun 🙂

  83. I love playing warcraft, wow, dota, and I love to please two dota case I get a lot of shorter thx

  84. My email:

    Please i want a dota 2 beta key i hope you can give me
    im really sick of just watching dota 2 in internet i admit it,
    so i think i want to try it so please ^^and also im a big fan
    of DOTA and all updates in Dota 2 heroes i watch in internet
    so please can you give me ?? i hope you can give ^^

    Dota name :bloodthirst23,DEATH_RECALL,~Ph-LuPeTsSsS

    • were you get dota2..?

  85. 😀
    Dota 2..:)

  86. can you send me a dota 2 beta key,i want to become a good player on dota 2,but i need a key,please send at the email:

  87. Dota is Cool too bad so many tries to make dota-like..
    lol. hon, starcraft2-dotalike maps, chaos ,,, etc..
    Should have formal law os something.. kk
    BTW how come pitlord is no under development?

  88. admin plz.plz.plz BETA KEY FOR ME plzzzzz

  89. please save the world and give me a beta key its your only chance please giveme one before its too late D: send it there its our only chance

  90. i have downloaded the game from steam but i didnt got betakey send me dota 2 beta key gamename:moiznk

  91. please more please i want dota 2 beta key….plss..!!!

  92. i need a key, please give me that. please

  93. I love dota ,I not have key(( My email please i want dota2,every day i watch dota2 on streams(

  94. beta key plz my account name Na3eR

  95. My old bnet name was Nikku, I played lots of DotA. I play LoL now, only because I have no DotA 2 beta key! It’d be like Christmas in March!

  96. дайте пожалуйста бета-ключ дота 2
    give me please beta-key dota 2

  97. so if ı comment here u give me key ?

  98. dota 2 beta key please d(-_-)b

  99. please give me just one i do anything for beta keys

  100. my friends say HON and LOL are awesome to me dota is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!

  101. well i dont think they just give away a Dota 2 beta Key like that or cuz u say so. I wish it was tho..all my ” friends ” plays it now and hell it looks awesome wish i could play to but hey wtf if i have to wait i wait,

  102. Pls give me dota 2 beta key steam ID:edekuy/

  103. what the password!! on the installer

  104. i m an expert of dota
    i play many games, but with dota 2 i crazy to try play this game

  105. please,in 1 week is my birthday,i wish to have a email with a dota 2 beta key,that would be a great gift :X,pls send me one,at the email:

  106. I love DotA, and I love even more DotA 2
    Please send me a beta key

  107. 24/7 Dota Player…I play on garena everyday. wanna try dota 2!!! BETA KEY plz

  108. please spare me 1 beta key please..i will be indebted to you..have been searching for ages now and tried every single dota 2 email

  109. hero is very bad (_ _!)

  110. 1key plz

  111. PLZ 1 beta kkey !!!!

    Preciso de uma beta key pq eu sou o rei !!
    haha será muito bem vinda

  113. test map (_ _!)

  114. 6.74c AI 1.3 haha =))

    1 beta key please
    i am playing dota since 2007 an i am searching one for dota 2 for months

  116. no pain no gain,,pliiss don’t make me suffer just watch the video DOTA 2 i’m also want participate play the game..

    1 beta key please
    i’m a big fan of dota
    and i’m realy sick of just watching dota 2 at youtube

  118. please give me 1 beta key i want to play dota 2 PLEASE ! 😀


    I was jibbed out of trying the beta because a friend forgot I played, so his beta keys went to a mutual friend, who I’ve been having to watch play. Please, don’t make me watch gameplay anymore.

  120. hello.. please give me 1 beta key plss. my Email is
    im number 1 Fan of dota2 and all updates… please give me one :))

  121. dota 2 beta key pls… i want to play dota2 … this is my Dream…
    may Email is

  122. please give me dota key 😀


    give me 1 beta key please.
    i just want to play the game and see what’s better.
    dota or dota2.

  124. boring

  125. can i have 1?
    i wish to get it… i m dota fans….

  126. key for vietnam (_ _!)

  127. how?

  128. dota2 better dota???????????

  129. can i have 1 too? i want dota 2 cause i really love it <3 anyway can u give me 1 ? pls

  130. I want/need a key please please^^ All my friends are playing and Im 4ever alone without dota 2 .

  131. dota key pls po

  132. i need it..pleaseeeee

  133. can I have it??

  134. como lo conisgo?????? please un betakey:P

  135. please please please can you give me a betakey: D

  136. yahoo

    can i get the beta key please, please and please guys 🙂 ive been waiting so long for dota 2

  138. Pls want a beta key pls

  139. i’m playing dota of icefrog and i want to try dota 2 !!!!!!!!

  140. Can I Have 1 Beta Key Please I Want to get a Beta Key So I Can Play The New Version Of Dota Please
    can I Get 1 Pleaseee

  141. i wan dota 2 beta key pls~~

  142. sent me 1 key please,
    i:m so interested on beta 2 🙂

  143. this page need to be updated

  144. dota key plz

  145. Can give me 1 betakeyss… i want betakeys at 1st tournament i see …..
    post at my

  146. plzzzz. give me beta key i want 2 paly dota 2 plzzzz. give me the beta key
    this is my email :

  147. how?

  148. i want dota key pls….

  149. dota key

  150. pls dota key steamid :darko3010

  151. Can i have a beta key too? I’m a Blog writer and a big fan

  152. dota key plz tnx!

  153. pls give me a beta key of dota 2

  154. pls give me a beta key plss

  155. pls, Dota Key

  156. Please give me a dota 2 key. I am a big dota fan and i will appreciate it

  157. pls give me a invitation for dota 2 !!!! im good player !!!

  158. pls give me 1 dota 2 beta key

  159. give me a key

  160. plss send me ah dota2 beta key…i want play diz game!

  161. You can get dota 2 keys on Listia ( for free. Just sign-up using the link I provided. You will get 500 free credits and then you can bid on a Dota 2 Key listing (it usually doesn’t go over 500).

  162. add me on steam 36Tshenanigans. I have 9 more dota betas to give out.

  163. i want to play dota2, beta key ^_^

  164. plss… i want that key… i want to play dota2… plss send me a key..

  165. Here my email ….i forgot ^_^

  166. can i try it?
    heres my mail…kindly send me a beta key please

  167. i want play dota
    please give me dota2 beta keys ^_^


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