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DOTA 2 Dark Seer Guide, Build & Strategy

DOTA 2 Dark SeerDOTA 2 Dark Seer Guide, Build, and Strategy. Dark Seer is a master of manipulating the positioning of allies and enemies and causing confusion in battle. His Vacuum ability drags all enemy units in a wide area to a central location. This spell is very deadly when combined with allies who have strong area of effect spells. Dark Seer’s primary damage source is Ion Shell. When cast on an allied unit, or the Dark Seer himself, Ion Shell continuously damages all adjacent enemies, making it the natural complement to Vacuum. Ion Shell is powerful when cast on allied melee heroes who like to be in the thick of the fight. To aid his allies and to make sure Ion Shell is in range, the Dark Seer uses Surge, a powerful spell that makes a target ally move at maximum speed for a short period of time. This ability is useful in any situation, and due to its low cooldown period and mana cost it can be cast quite frequently. Dark Seer’s final spell, Wall of Replica, summons a shimmering barrier which duplicates any enemy hero that passes through it, creating an illusion of him. Wall of Replica is great at causing a lot of confusion during large battles, especially combined with Vacuum. Dark Seer is a perfect fit for players who like a more strategic playstyle and can quickly determine the flow of battle.

DOTA 2 Dark Seer

Affiliation: The Dire
Type: Intelligence

Dark Seer Skills
Coming Soon!

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  1. I submitted a guide, hope its gonna be reviewed soon.

    • Yeah, i already publish your guide. But you should aware that the guide mechanism is still under development 🙂


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