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Dota 2 Kunkka Guide, Build & Strategy

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DOTA 2 Kunkka Guide, Build and Strategy (Kunkka the Admiral). Kunkka is a versatile hero that relies on high damage while lacking in hit points and survivability. Because of his lack of an escape ability, Kunkka requires good positioning and reflexes in order to succeed. When played well, he can be an excellent hero on all fronts, from initiating to lane control. Kunkka is recommended for intermediate players.

Kunkka is most powerful because of his Tidebringer ability, which adds AoE to his basic attacks and increases damage. When used in lanes, this can quickly take out multiple creeps, or focus a ton of damage on a single one, for maximum farming and control potential. His other skill, Torrent, disables enemies for a short time, allowing him to gank and harass easily, as well as escape from a fight he has no chance of winning. X Marks the Spot allows him to improve the effectiveness of his Torrent ability, as well as gank and escape with practice. It pairs well with other spells and Heroes, letting Kunkka snap an enemy back in place for a hard blow. His ultimate, Ghost Ship, reduces the damage taken by friendly heroes for a short time, and can stun enemies if aimed properly, making a great initiator for large and small battles.

Dota 2 Kunkka

Kunkka Background Story
Kunkka Dota 2As Admiral of the mighty Claddish Navy, Kunkka was charged with protecting the isles of his homeland when the Demons of the Cataract made a concerted grab at the lands of men. After years of small sorties, and increasingly bold and devastating attacks, the Demon Fleet flung all its carnivorous ships at the Trembling Isle. Desperate, the Suicide-Mages of Cladd committed their ultimate rite, summoning a host of ancestral spirits to protect the fleet. Against the Demons, this was just barely enough to turn the tide. As Kunkka watched the Demons take his ships down one by one, he had the satisfaction of wearing away their fleet with his ancestral magic. But at the battle’s peak, something in the clash of demons, men and atavistic spirits must have stirred a fourth power that had been slumbering in the depths. The waves rose up in towering spouts around the few remaining ships, and Maelraun the Tentacular appeared amid the fray. His tendrils wove among the ships, drawing demon and human craft together, churning the water and wind into a raging chaos. What happened in the crucible of that storm, none may truly say. The Cataract roars off into the void, deserted by its former denizens. Kunkka is now Admiral of but one ship, a ghostly rig which endlessly replays the final seconds of its destruction. Whether he died in that crash is anyone’s guess. Not even Tidehunter, who summoned Maelraun, knows for sure.

Name: Kunkka (Dota 2), Kunkka the Admiral (DotA)
Affiliation: The Radiant
Type: Strength

Kunkka Skills

More Dota 2 Kunkka updates coming soon!

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