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DOTA 2 Lich Guide, Build & Strategy

DOTA 2 LichDOTA 2 Lich Guide, Build, and Strategy. Mighty Lich is one of the best heroes at controlling a lane, thanks to his Frost Nova and Sacrifice spells. Frost Blast is a strong nuke that slows its target, giving Lich a good harassment tool. Repeatedly casting Frost Blast and harassing with physical attacks is a surefire way to quickly bring an enemy hero to his knees. However, Frost Blast becomes even more dangerous when coupled with Sacrifice. This spell allows Lich to destroy an allied creep and gain mana based on its life. Using this spell helps Lich by giving him limitless mana for Frost Blast, and hinders his enemies by denying them the experience or gold they would have gained from the destroyed creep. By using Frost Blast and Sacrifice liberally, the Lich can quickly force any opponent to retreat from his lane. Later in the game Lich tends to slide into a support role, using his Ice Armor spell to buff the survivability of his allies, and deploying his devastating Chain Frost to damage his foes in team battles.

DOTA 2 Lich

Lich Background Story
There is peace in death. A peace stolen from Lich on the night he was forcibly risen from his frozen grave to serve the powerful magician Anhil. But Anhil chose his dead-servant poorly. Perhaps it was a side-effect of having been buried long years in the permafrost of the frozen North, rather than in a rotting ground; or perhaps it was simply the strength of Lich’s unusual will, a flowering of outrage at his ruptured repose… but Lich was not so obedient as the magician hoped. Lich slew his new master on the night of his own undead rebirth. Now, still a dead-servant, he has became his own master, a thing unheard of in all the learning of men. He is a walker between the worlds–no longer alive, but not quite dead. Drawing power from the cold of his own arctic grave, he condenses ice from moisture in the air. It is an old, cold magic, the conjury of the killing frost.

Affiliation: The Dire
Type: Intelligence

Lich Skills
Coming Soon!

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