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Posted by on Mar 9, 2012 | 1 comment

Dota 2 March 8 2012 Patch Notes: Shadow Demon Incoming?

Dota 2 Shadow Demon

Will his shadow coming next Wednesday?

Well, maybe now most of you can guess that this week Dota 2 new contents are similar with the last week test build”s patch. If you already read last week changelogs, you won”t find any surprise on this week patch. But from the Dota 2 blog post, there are 2 things we can notice. First, the test build updates will be changed into Wednesday and the changes will be rolled out on the main client in the following day. Secondly, the Dota 2 Blog”s post title is “The shadow grows..”, this could be a hint that the next hero on the new patch will be the Shadow Demon. But we should wait until Wednesday to know the truth. Enjoy the new patch!

Dota 2 Beta: March 8 2012 Show

Enjoy the new patch! 🙂

1 Comment

  1. that’s definitely Shadow Demon next Wednesday.

    he’s the only one, which is already finished, who is associated with shadows .

    and maybe in the next 3 wednesdays would be Lycan and Syllabear.


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