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Posted by on May 4, 2012 | 2 comments

[Dota 2] May 3 2012 Patch Notes: The Phantom (Image)s is Here!

Phantom Lancer Dota 2 Patch

Phantom Lancer in the Dota 2

Wohooo, as we guessed , Phantom Lancer is now available on the Dota 2! Phantom Lancer is a carry/pusher hero who can wrack a havoc just by leaving one of his images behind. His images can multiply rapidly when hitting creeps and push like there”s no tomorrow. And yeah, i know he is like Kimahri (Final Fantasy) or Avatar ^^;; Other than that, this patch also give us  some new item icons and Brewmaster got a new skin.

From Blue to Red

Dota 2 May 3 2012 Changelogs

Dota 2: May 3 2012 Show

Hidden Changelogs (Under Development Heroes)
Luna : New portrait
Chaos Knight : New portrait
Treant Protector : New portrait
Meepo : New portrait
Phantom Assassin : New portrait
Ogre Magi : New portrait
Rubick : First appearance, only in game strings

Well, let”s play as the Avatar then! ;p

Credits to Cyborgmatt for the hidden changelogs 🙂


  1. lol Gragas

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