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DOTA 2 Morphling Guide, Build & Strategy

DOTA 2 MorphlingDOTA 2 Morphling Guide, Build, and Strategy.¬†Morphling is a dynamic, protean hero, capable of giving or taking massive amounts of damage, at the player’s discretion. Waveform allows him to escape or initiate fights with ease, while Adaptive Strike gives him a versatile nuke or stun. Replicate allows him to make a copy of a hero, and to take the place of the copy in an instant. Morphling’s greatest strength, however, is his ability to swap his points between strength and agility, letting him change from tank to damage dealer and back again, as the tides of battle shift. Morphling is a dangerously mobile enemy, who must be treated with caution before he takes you by surprise!

Morphling Background Story
Morphling is an elemental power at one with the tides of the ocean, the capricious yet constrained rush of rivers, the placid calm of standing water. Neither male nor female, Morphling can take on any form, and from this innate capacity it has gained deep understanding of all the Heroes.

Affiliation: The Radiant
Type: Agility

Morphling Skills
Coming Soon!

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