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Posted by on Mar 25, 2011 | 18 comments

DotA 2 Project Manager Interview

IGN has managed to get some interview with DotA 2 Senior

Project Manager, Erik Johnson. We got some interesting facts from the interview, including the confirmation of more heroes that will be included. Previously from the DotA 2 first announcement, we already know that there will be Bloodseeker, Lina Inverse, Morphling and Traxex. And know, we got 5 more on the heroes pool.

Here are some point that we can get from the interview:

– 5 new confirmed heroes: Axe, Sven, Tidehunter, Beastmaster, Rikimaru
– DotA no longer means “Defense of the Ancients” in “DotA 2”, this is because copyright problem
– DotA 2 will have the exact same game mechanics as DotA and Valve will more focused on artwork, infrastructure, new tools – gameplay stays the same
– Tools: detailed statistics, replay system, matchmaking, coaching system
– Valve will be making an effort to make the game tournament friendly for organisers
– No single-player campaign
– Will have single-player training
– Hero models will be based on how the community perceives a DotA hero, and not based on previous DotA models
– Valve working on new back-story for the heroes, which will come into play with things like hero”s talking to each other in-game as they pass by etc
– DotA 2 is scheduled to be released in late 2011



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  1. Hi, I’m in Indonesia..
    I’m waiting for DotA 2.. 😀 I think, that’s a good improvement of this game..
    Hm,would you like to tell me what are the requires of this new game?
    OS = … ?
    Graphic card = … ?

    you know what i mean.. Hehe..

  2. Nobody knows the requirements until now.
    But i guess if you can play DotA in WC3 you might be able to play DotA 2.
    Because a lot of DotA players plays in a internet cafe.
    And thoose PC arent the best 😉

  3. yaaaay!! can’t wait to see beter graphics…dota is best game ever…:))
    CAN’T WAIT!!

  4. Why the new models are not gonna be based on the old ones? I mean, if we wanted new models, we would play HoN or something like that… I like DotA mainly because of the models, which make it different from the other games… New models might be a fail…

  5. Will we have to pay to get the game?
    or we just have to download and install?

    • Currently we still don’t know about this issue, but hopefully it will be free or at least come with reasonable price 🙂

  6. Computer requirements will most likely be on par with Portal 2. So if you can play Portal 2, you can play DotA 2. Look up the requirements for that game.

    Also 90% chance the game will cost money. 29-39$ is my best guess on how much they would sell it for on steam. -10% If you pre-order it, which they usually do on their big hitting games.

    • Nice find ulysess, gonna put it on the front page! 🙂

  7. what about ai maps? still have one?
    or dota 2 is full online?

    • An inlintegelt answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

    • Nao e’a primeira vez que esta blogueiro Thaisa Galvão fala mal de Caico, ela só pode ter um problema muito grande com nossa cidade, e mais uma vez ela esta desinformada, colocando notícias sem antes ver o que e’a verdade e o que e’a boato, ela age sem nem ao menos ter certeza dos fatos. Pronto falei.

    • Amar a Deus é fazer sua vontade, não simplesmente palavras, cadê os textos da biblia neste vidéo. Prefiro realmente o que a biblia realmente ensina, não de pensamentos humanos filósoficos. Jesus ensinou seus seguidores a orar venho teu reino para terra, eliminar o pecado e da morte, e o governante deste mundo o diabo, MT 6:9-10, 1João 5:19, Daniel 2:44.

    • Este blog está muito lambuças, não conheço o Sr. Pedro Baltazar de parte nenhuma e nem sequer foi o meu candidato nas ultimas eleições, mas depreciar um sportinguista que já demonstrou ajudar o Sporting ( vidé passe do Carriço) e diz querer continuar a ajudar, só de quem não vê porque não quer ver.O "afinado" presidente do nosso clube é bem pior que o PB, é só promessas mas cumprir tá quieto.

  8. what about ai maps? still have one?

  9. If its released? is it going to be in steam?

  10. Here in Fiji we waiting patiently for DOTA 2!!…come on folks…give it up for best game ever!!

  11. DAFUQ, no single campaign ? okay its be boring


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