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Dota 2 Pugna Guide, Build & Strategy

Dota 2 Pugna Guide, Build & Strategy (Pugna the Oblivion). Pugna is a fragile yet versatile spellcaster. Due to his massive intelligence gain per level, he has plenty of mana to cast his spells. Nether Blast is his primary method for dealing damage, and its large area of effect, high strength, and low cooldown make it good for harassing enemy heroes and killing creeps. In addition, Nether Blast also deals damage to towers, which makes Pugna a powerful sieging hero. Pugna’s Decrepify spell is useful in several ways. It functions as a decent slowing spell for catching fleeing enemies, and it also amplifies spell damage against the target. Decrepify and Nether Blast make a powerful combination. Decrepify can also be cast on allies, and since it prevents the target from being hit by physical attacks, it gives clever Pugna players a way to deal with potentially troublesome physical attacks by Decrepifying either enemy heroes (which prevents them from attacking), or allied heroes (which prevents them from being attacked). Decrepified enemies can still cast spells, but with Pugna’s Nether Ward placed nearby they will be struck by lightning whenever they use a skill. Finally, Pugna’s natural fragility is somewhat mediated by his Life Drain spell, which rapidly heals Pugna while dealing a lot of damage to his target. Pugna is especially effective at shutting down enemy spellcasters with his Nether Ward, but his versatility makes him good in any situation.

DOTA 2 Pugna

Pugna Background Story
DOTA 2 OblivionA former resident of the Nether Reaches, where he had some familiarity with Viper, Pugna is a evil hellspawn mage who delights in all his sinister power. He sucks the life from his foes, savors it briefly, and spits it out. Nothing pleases him more than to throw down one of his Nether Wards and watch his enemies destroy themselves with their own magic.

Name: Pugna (Dota 2), Pugna the Oblivion (DotA)
Affiliation: The Dire
Type: Intelligence

Pugna Skills

More details about Dota 2 Pugna coming soon!

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