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Dota 2 Silencer Guide, Build & Strategy

Dota 2 Silencer Guide, Build and Strategy (Nortrom the Silencer).

Silencer Background Story
Coming soon!

Name: Silencer (Dota 2), Nortrom the Silencer (DotA)
Affiliation: The Radiant
Type: Intelligence

Silencer Skills
Curse of the Silent
Afflicts enemies with the Curse of the Silent. The target will lose hp and mana per second until it casts a spell.

Glaives of Wisdom
Nortrom’s Glaives are enchanted by his experience in magic. Dealing extra damage based on his Intelligence.

Last Word (Passive)
Causes any unit under the effect of this aura to become silenced after it finishes casting a spell.

Global Silence (Ultimate)
Stops all enemies on the map from casting spells.

Stay tune for the latest Notrom the Silencer updates!

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