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DOTA 2 Skeleton King Guide, Build & Strategy

DOTA 2 Skeleton King Guide, Build and Strategy.

Skeleton King Background Story
Dota 2 Skeleton KingThe victim of a longevity spell that backfired, Skeleton King has built an empire from the bones of his enemies. He lives only to extend his reach, for as long as he is perpetually building and adding to his domain he cannot die. The walls of his palace are formed of fired bone; the streets are paved with bones of every sort of creature and every enemy; and even the wood and other natural features have been swept away and replaced with replicas formed of bone. From the Ivory Forest to the regal halls of Ostarion, nothing happens in the Empire of Bones without the full of knowledge of its Skeleton King.

Affiliation: The Dire Radiant
Type: Agility Strength Intelligence

Skeleton King Skills

Stay tune for the latest info about Skeleton King!

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