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DOTA 2 Spirit Breaker Guide, Build & Strategy

DOTA 2 Spirit Breaker Guide, Build & Strategy (Barathrum the Spirit Breaker).

Spirit Breaker Background Story
Spirit Breaker likes to bash people.

Affiliation: The Dire
Type: Strength

Spirit Breaker Skills
Charge of Darkness
Barathrum fixes his sight on an enemy and starts charging through all objects. Any unit that comes into contact during the charge triggers a greater bash proc. Upon leaving the shadows, Barathrum shocks his opponent into an immobile state for some time. Enemy can only see buff indicator when you are near them. Charge is interrupted if disabled.

Empowering Haste (passive)
Causes the Spiritbreaker to swing his weapon faster with higher movement speed, allowing him to deal extra damage. His presence increases the movement speed of nearby allied units.

Greater Bash (passive)
Gives a 17% chance to bash enemies across the ground, doing more initial damage and damage as they skid. You gain 15% movement speed bonus for 3 seconds when this triggers.

Nether Strike (ultimate)
Moves you next to your target doing extra damage. Performs a greater bash hit. Casting range improves per level.

Stay tune for the latest Dota 2 Barathrum the Spirit Breaker updates!

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