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Dota 2 Lanaya the Templar Assassin Guide, Build & Strategy

DOTA 2 Templar Assassin Guide, Build & Strategy (Lanaya the Templar Assassin). Check out the Templar Assassin skills, pictures, skill build, item build & strategy on the Dota 2.

Lanaya Dota 2Templar Assassin Background Story Lanaya, the Templar Assassin, came to her calling by a path of curious inquiry. Possessed of a scientific bent, she spent her early years engaged in meticulous study of nature’s laws–peering into grimoires of magic and alchemy, recreating experiments from charred fragments of the Violet Archives, and memorizing observations of the Keen recordkeepers. Already quiet and secretive by nature, the difficulty of acquiring these objects further reinforced her skills of stealth. Had she been less retiring, she might have become notorious among the guilds as a thief-scholar. Instead her investigations led her into far more obscure corners. As she devoted her furtive talents to unlocking the secrets of the universe, she instead unlocked a secret door that exists in nature itself: the entryway to the most Hidden Temple. The intelligences that waited beyond that portal, proved to be expecting her, and whatever mysteries they revealed in the moment of their discovery was nothing compared to the answers they held out to Lanaya should she continue in their service. She swore to protect the mysteries, but more to the point, in service to the Hidden Temple she satisfies her endless craving for understanding. In the eyes of each foe she expunges, a bit more of the mystery is revealed. Name: Lanaya the Templar Assassin (DotA), Templar Assassin (Dota 2) Affiliation: The Radiant Type: Agility Templar Assassin Skills Dota 2 RefractionRefraction Manipulating her psionic veil, Templar Assassin becomes highly elusive, evading damage while gaining a bonus to her damage for a limited number of instances. The instances of damage block and bonus damage are separate. Lasts 17 seconds. Notes – Direct HP Removal does not trigger the ability – The instance blocking and damage bonus are independent of each other. – Only instances of more than 5 damage (after all reductions) will remove a charge. – Blink Dagger will not be broken (3 seconds cooldown) if TA still has instances blocking when she got hit. Dota 2 MeldMeld Templar Assassin conceals herself, gaining invisibility while remaining still. On the next attacked enemy unit, Lanaya will reduce its armor and deal bonus damage to it. Notes – Meld is broken by any action, including moving. – The bonus damage and armor reduction is only applied if Meld is broken by attacking a unit. – The armor debuffs don’t stack with each other. – The invisibility has a fadetime of 0.001 seconds. Dota 2 Psi BladesPsi Blades Templar Assassin’s psi blades slice through the attacked unit, splitting and damaging enemy units directly behind it, while gaining bonus attack range. Notes – Spilled damage hits invisible units. – Attack effects (like Unique Attack Modifiers and bash) will only will be applied to the primary target.

Dota 2 TrapPsionic Trap (Ultimate) Templar Assassin places mystical traps that invisibly monitor enemy movement. When sprung, at her command, they exert a slowing influence of 50% in the area. Notes – Traps are magic immune and have 100 HP. – Traps do not prevent neutral creeps from spawning. – Traps have 400/400 vision range. – When a trap is placed, Lanaya gains the Trap ability. Dota 2 Psionic TrapTrap (Sub Skill) Springs a previously set trap, slowing nearby enemies.

Templar Assassin’s Counter
Viper, Venomancer, Enigma, Invoker Viper and Venomancer counter Templar Assassin’s thanks to their poison which will break Refraction in no time. Mean while, Enigma, Invoker can also break the Refraction using their summons.

Stay tune for the latest Dota 2 Lanaya the Templar Assassin updates!

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