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DOTA 2 Viper Guide, Build and Strategy.

DOTA 2 ViperDOTA 2 Viper Guide, Build and Strategy. Viper is a kiting DPS assassin ranged carry that can dominate a lane aggressively in the hands of a good player but is vulnerable to stuns and reliant on positioning. His first skill is a quite damaging orb that, when used, coats his regular attack in poison which slows the enemy greatly and deals damage, but only lasts for a little bit of time. Using this skill, you can permanently kite an enemy hero as he will be slowed and take a lot of damage, but if you are stunned you will lose your positioning advantage. His second skill is a passive that gives him extra damage based on how hurt the unit that he is attacking is. This is useful for 1 on 1 situations as it adds up greatly and can even double his damage when heroes are especially low. It is also good for lasthitting as you attack creeps that are low on health anyways. His Ultimate is a medium cooldown nuke that deals a lot of damage over 5 seconds and slows the unit greatly, which is good to pair with his poison attack to single out heroes and kill them with ease.

Viper Background Story
The malevolent familiar of an underworld wizard who captured and ‘tamed’ him, Viper was curiously glad to have been sprung from the sealed and unchanging subterranean Nether Reaches where his race had lived for millions of years, after tectonic slippage had sealed them off in luminous caverns. He spent some time appearing to submit to the wizard’s enchainments, while learning what he could of dark magic. But he soon realized that few magics were as deadly as the toxins that were his birthright, so he casually stung the old mage to death, slipped free of his cage, and flapped out to get a look at the greater world.

Affiliation: The Dire
Type: Agility

Viper Skills
Coming Soon!

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