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DOTA 2 Weaver Guide, Build and Strategy.

DOTA 2 WeaverDOTA 2 Weaver Guide, Build and Strategy.  Although Weaver may be fragile, he more than counters this weakness with constant bursts of speed and invisibility, along with the ability to periodically deal double damage on attack. He is the master of in, out, and back in. He sends out swarms of beetles which latch onto foes to damage and create chaos. The beetles also reduce his prey’s armor, making them vulnerable to team attacks. Finally, Weaver can Time Lapse into the recent past, returning him to the location, as well as to levels of health and mana, that he’d been at 5 seconds prior. Weaver is a paradox–quick and agile, extremely hard to kill due to Time Lapse, but also fragile if caught off guard.

Affiliation: The Dire
Type: Agility

Weaver Skills
Coming Soon!

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