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Drum of Endurance

Drum of Endurance is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Support.

Drum Of Endurance

Drum Of Endurance (1755)


Drum of Endurance Info
A relic that enchants the bodies of those around it for swifter movement in times of crisis.
+ 9 All Attributes
+ 3 Damage
Drum of Endurance Ability
Endurance (Active)
Gives bonus +20 attack speed and +10% movement speed to surrounding allies.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Consumes 1 charge.
Affects all allied player-controlled units.
Swiftness Aura (Passive)
Gives bonus attack and movement speed to surrounding allies.
Multiple instances of Swiftness Aura do not stack.
Drum of Endurance Recipe
BracerRobe Of The MagiRecipe (800)
Drum of Endurance Upgrade
Drum of Endurance Tips
You can replenish the Endurance charges by buying the recipe.
Drum of Endurance Recommended Heroes

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