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Enchanted Mango

Enchanted Mango. It is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Consumables.

Enchanted Mango

Enchanted Mango (150)


Enchanted Mango Info
The bittersweet flavors of Jidi Isle are irresistible to amphibians.
+ 1 HP regeneration
Enchanted Mango Ability
Consume (Consumable) Consume the mango to instantly restore 150 mana. Can be fed to an ally. Restored: 150 mana
Multiple mangoes do not stack into one slot.
Enchanted Mango Recipe
No Recipe
Enchanted Mango Tips
Enchanted Mango can replenish the mana instantly and can boost early jungling or ganking capabilities.
Enchanted Mango Recommended Heroes
Wraith KingVengeful Spirit

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Latest update : June 6, 2015


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