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Energy Booster

Energy Booster adds + 250 Mana . It is purchasable at the Secret Shop.

Energy Booster

Energy Booster (900)

Secret Shop

Energy Booster Info
This lapis gemstone is commonly added to the collection of wizards seeking to improve their presence in combat.
+ 250 Mana
Energy Booster Ability
Energy Booster Recipe
Energy Booster Upgrade
Arcane BootsSoul Booster
Energy Booster Tips
Agility and Strength heroes with small mana pool have more benefit from Energy Booster which later can be upgraded into Arcane Boots. Meanwhile, Intelligence heroes should go with Staff of Wizardy which provide similar amount of mana but also add damage from the Intelligence provided except if they wanna build item from Energy Booster.
Energy Booster Recommended Heroes

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