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Flying Courier

Flying Courier is the upgraded version of the Animal Courier. Can carry items from the base or to refill bottle with faster speed. It is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Consumables.

Flying Courier

Flying Courier (370)


Flying Courier Info
Losing the donkey is punishable by death.
Hit Points 150
Armor 10
Movement Speed 430
Sight Range 300/300
Inventory 6 Slots
Note Takes 50% extra damage from melee heroes
Flying Courier Ability
Return to Base (Active)
Returns the courier to base
Go To Secret Shop (Active)
Sends the courier to your team’s secret shop
Return Items (Active)
Return items to stash
Retrieve Items (Active)
Retrieve items from stash
Transfer Items (Active)
Transfer items to hero
Speed Burst (Active)
The courier gains a speed burst

Movement Speed: 800
Duration: 4
Cooldown 90

Flying Courier Recipe
Animal CourierRecipe (250)
Flying Courier Tips
Flying Courier can fly accross terain and can be used to refill the bottle relatively fast.
Flying Courier Recommended Heroes
Vengeful SpiritCrystal MaidenDazzle
Support heroes usually buy the courier and let the carry heroes fully spend their starting gold.

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