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Guardian Greaves

Guardian Greaves is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Support.

Guardian Greaves

Guardian Greaves (5300)


Guardian Greaves Info
One of many holy instruments constructed to honor the Omniscience.
+55 Movement Speed
+250 Mana
+5 All Stats
+5 Armor
Guardian Greaves Ability
Guardian Aura (Passive)
Provides nearby allies with 4 health regeneration and 2 bonus armor. If an allied hero’s health falls below 20%, they receive 15 health regeneration and 15 armor.
Mend (Active)
Restores 250 health and 160 mana to nearby allies. Removes negative debuffs from the caster upon cast.
Cooldown: 45 second
Radius: 900
The dispel only affects your hero
Guardian Greaves Recipe
Arcane BootsMekansmRecipe (1650)
Guardian Greaves Upgrade
No upgrade
Guardian Greaves Tips
Coming Soon!
Guardian Greaves Recommended Heroes
NecrophosDark SeerDeath Prophet

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