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Heaven’s Halberd

Heaven’s Halberd is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Artifacts.

Heavens Halberd

Heavens Halberd (3850)


This halberd moves with the speed of a smaller weapon, allowing the bearer to win duels that a heavy edge would not.
+20 Strength
+25 Damage
+25% Evasion
Disarm (Active)
Disarms the target for 4.5 seconds. Lasts 3 on melee targets.
Range: 600 Cooldown: 30 seconds Manacost: 100
Lesser Maim (Passive)
Gives a chance on attack to slow for 4 seconds.
Maim Chance: 15%
Movement Speed Slow: 20%
Attack Speed Slow: 20%
SangeTalisman Of Evasion
Heaven’s Halberd is the excellent counter for heroes that depends on the physical attack like Spirit Breaker or Rikimaru
Night StalkerSkeleton KingAlchemist

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