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Posted by on Jun 5, 2014 | 0 comments

How to Random Hero in Dota 2

After a while, players can getting bored with same heroes selection when playing Dota 2. And to bring some spice into the game, you can always random your heroes while getting a bonus of 200 starting gold! But sadly, while it seems easy for veteran Dota 2 players, newbie and players from Dota 1 (which just type -random to random hero) can find this task difficult. So let’s show you on how¬†to get random heroes on Dota 2.

How to Random Heroes in Dota 2
1. After loading the game and entering the hero selection screen, simply push the button below:

How to Random Hero Dota 2

2. Voila! You got your random hero. And we know that sometimes the randomized hero could be your nightmare, so check also how to repick hero or swap hero in Dota 2.

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