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Maelstrom is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Artifacts.


Maelstrom (2800)


Maelstrom Info
A hammer forged for the gods themselves, Maelstrom allows its user to harness the power of lightning.
+24 Damage
+25 Attack speed
Maelstrom Ability
Chain Lightning (Passive)
Grants a chance on attack to release a Chain Lightning that hits 4 targets, dealing damage.
Maelstrom is a Unique Attack Modifier that stacks with other Unique Attack Modifiers, but overrides them when Chain Lightning occurs.
Chance: 25%
Damage: 120
Bounce Range: 900
Different with the original DotA, in the Dota 2, the Maelstrom can be used together (stack) along with Lifesteal (Helm Of The Dominator, Mask Of Madness) or Corruption (Desolator). However, at the time Chain Lightning occurs, it will override the other Unique Attack Modifier (Orb Effect)
Maelstrom Recipe
Gloves Of HasteMithril HammerRecipe (700)
Maelstrom Upgrade
Maelstrom Tips
Maelstrom can be considered as the ranged version of Battlefury (which only useful for Melee Heroes). It helps farm by killing a group of enemies.

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