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Moon Shard

Moon Shard is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Common.

Moon Shard

Moon Shard (4300)


Moon Shard Info
Said to be a tear from the lunar goddess Selemene.
+120 Attack Speed
Moon Shard Ability
Shade Sight (Passive)
Moon Shard grants 250 bonus night vision (when in inventory only. Works against Night Stalker’s Darkness)
Consume (Active)
Can be consumed to gain a permanent 60 attack speed buff (does not stack). Requires a double click to consume
Attack Speed buff does not work on illusions
Moon Shard Recipe
HyperstoneHyperstoneRecipe (300)
Moon Shard Upgrade
No upgrade
Moon Shard Tips
It is advisable to consume Moon Shard only after having 6 item slots filled out and have additional gold to replace the item.
Moon Shard Recommended Heroes
Spirit BreakerAlchemistWraith King

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