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Observer Ward

Observer Ward can be put on the map to provide the sight around it (1600 AoE). It is invisible and purchasable at the Main Shop, under Consumables.

Observer Ward

Observer Ward (75)


Observer Ward Info
Observer Ward Ability
Places an Observer Ward to give sight of the surrounding area.
Lasts 7 minutes.
Stock Cooldown: 1.5 minutes
Radius: 1600
Observer Ward Recipe
Observer Ward Tips
Place the Observer Ward on the high ground so it can provide the full range sight.
Quelling Blade can be used to destroy the Observer Ward.
Use this items to provide the sight of Rune or prevent the Neutral Creeps to appear.
Observer Ward is countered by Gem of Truesight or Sentry Ward.
Observer Ward cannot detect enemy who are using Smoke Of Deceit.
Observer Ward Recommended Heroes
Vengeful SpiritCrystal MaidenDazzle
Support heroes should buy ward to prevent the gank to the team.

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