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Orb of Venom

Orb of Venom is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Armament and at Side Shop.

Orb Of Venom

Orb Of Venom (275)


Orb of Venom Info
Imbues your weapon with the venom of a poisonous spider.
Orb of Venom Ability
Poison Attack (Passive)
Poisons the target, dealing damage over time and slowing, depending on whether your hero is melee or ranged.
Melee Slow: 12%
Ranged Slow: 4%
Duration: 4
Poison Damage: 3
Orb of Venom Recipe
Orb of Venom Upgrade
Eye Of Skadi
Orb of Venom Tips
Orb of Venom’s poison is lethal and can kill unit.
Orb of Venom Recommended Heroes
RikiSlarkNight Stalker

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