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Poor Man’s Shield

Poor Man’s Shield is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Common.

Poor Mans Shield

Poor Mans Shield (500)


A busted old shield that seems to block more than it should.
+ 6 Agility
Damage Block (Passive)
Blocks physical attack damage, depending on the type of hero you are. Poor Man’s Shield will always block attacks from enemy Heroes, but has a chance to block damage from creeps.
Melee Damage Block: 20
Ranged Damage Block: 10
Heroes Block Chance: 100%
Creeps Block Chance: 60%
Slippers Of AgilitySlippers Of AgilityStout Shield
RikiPhantom AssassinBloodseeker
The block damage and Agility boost make it perfect for Agility heroes early item, especialy melee.

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Latest update : August 10, 2013

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