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Ring of Basilius

Ring of Basilius is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Support.

Ring Of Basilius

Ring Of Basilius (525)


Ring given as a reward to the greatest mages.
+ 6 Damage
+ 1 Armor
Can be disassembled.
Multiple instances of Basilius Aura do not stack.
Basilius Aura (Passive)
Grants mana regeneration and armor in a 900 AoE.
Aura Mana Regen: 0.65
Aura Armor Bonus: 2
Toggle (Active)
Toggle whether the aura affects other non-hero units.
Ring Of ProtectionSages Mask
Ring Of Aquila
Sage’s Mask will give more mana regeneration than a Ring of Basilius if you have 33 Intelligence or more.
You should turn off the Basilius Aura if you didn’t want your lane push ahead, thanks to 2 armor bonus to the allied creeps.
BroodmotherNatures ProphetAlchemist
Heroes which can summon or need slight mana regeneration and armor.

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