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Sentry Ward

Sentry Ward provide true sight vision on the area where it put. It has 800 AoE true sight detection but has very little natural vision. It is invisible and purchasable at the Main Shop, under Consumables.

Sentry Ward

Sentry Ward (200)


Sentry Ward Info
Sentry Ward Ability
Use: Places a Sentry Ward to give True Sight of the surrounding area.

Range: 850
Lasts 4 minutes.
Contain 2 wards on each stack

Sentry Ward Recipe
Sentry Ward Upgrade
No upgrade
Sentry Ward Tips
Use Sentry Ward to counter invisible heroes and enemy wards.
Quelling Blade can be used to destroy the Sentry Ward.
Sentry Ward is countered by Gem of Truesight or enemies Sentry Ward.
Sentry Ward Recommended Heroes
All heroes who can afford it should buy Sentry Ward to counter enemies invisible heroes or wards.

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