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Skull Basher

Skull Basher is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Weapons.

Skull Basher

Skull Basher (2950)


A feared weapon in the right hands, this maul’s ability to shatter the defenses of its opponents should not be underestimated.
+8 Strength
+25 Damage
Bash (Passive)
Gives a chance to stun for 1.4 seconds and 60 bonus damage.
Bash Chance for Melee Heroes: 25%
Bash Chance for Ranged Heroes: 10%
Cooldown: 2.3 Seconds
Skull Basher’s bash did not stack with the following heroes skill: Slardar, Faceless Void, Troll Warlord, or Spirit Breaker.
Belt Of StrengthJavelinRecipe (1000)
Abyssal Blade
Skull Basher is not using pseudo random.
Life StealerAnti MageRiki

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Latest update : May 27, 2015


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