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Solar Crest

Solar Crest is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Caster.

Solar Crest

Solar Crest (2875)


Solar Crest Info
A talisman forged to honor the daytime sky.
10 armor
75% mana regen
30% evasion
Solar Crest Ability
Shine (Active)
Temporarily removes the armor and evasion from Solar Crest. When cast on an ally it grants them 10 armor and 30% evasion. When cast on an enemy it removes 10 of their armor and blinds them, causing them to miss 30% of their attacks.

Duration: 7 seconds
Cast Range: 1000
Cooldown: 7 seconds
Can be disassembled.
This debuff is dispellable
Solar Crest Recipe
Medallion Of CourageTalisman Of Evasion
Solar Crest Upgrade
No upgrade
Solar Crest Tips
Coming Soon!
Solar Crest Recommended Heroes
Life StealerNight StalkerAlchemist

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