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Tango is one of the two consumable items that can restore your health. It is purchasable at the Main Shop, under Consumables.


Tango (125)


Tango Info
Forage to survive on the battlefield.
Tango Ability
Eat Tree (Consumable)
Consume a tree or a ward to restore health over time.
Comes with 4 charges.
Duration: 16 seconds
Restored: 115 health (Tree) / 230 health (Ward)
Cast Range: 165 (Tree) / 450 (Ward)
Tango Recipe
Tango Tips
The ability to take down the tree allows you to make a shortcut or hide in the woods.
Since the regeneration does not dispel on attack, you can use Tango during escape or before attempt a gank.
Tango Recommended Heroes
Natures Prophet
You can counter Natures Prophet‘s Sprout using Tango.

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