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Posted by on Jul 18, 2014 | 0 comments

Techies Updated Model Revealed!

It seems Valve working hard to fulfill their Compedium Stretch Goal. And one of the compedium goal that people anticipating is the addition of Techies! Techies is a unique hero in the Dota. His skill set is quite different with other heroes. 3 of his skills allow him to plant 3 kind of bombs. And if those bombs not enough, his other skill allow him to Suicide and explode with the enemies.

And even though Valve has yet to reveal Techies, a player in the PlayDota manage to get the updated model of Techies from the Dota 2 client!

Techies Dota 2 Model 2

You can see all 7 pictures of Techies in the Techies page.

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