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Posted by on May 13, 2014 | 0 comments

The Compedium Guide & FAQ


For new players, completing the Compedium can be a daunting task. And it would be a waste if you only got your level 1 Compedium bonus. So here we are, we will try to guide you on how you can level up your Compedium as well as getting the bonuses.

Q: How can i open the Compedium?
A: After you buy the Compedium, you can open it by clicking the icon on the right of your Dota 2 Profile EXP bar.

Q: How can i level up the Compedium?
A: There are several ways to level up your Compedium.
1. By getting Compedium point which is randomly dropped from the Dota 2 match.
2. By make Aegis offering.
3. By completing the Compedium task.

2014 Compedium Scoring System

Q: How to activate the Compedium Battle Booster?
A: You don’t have to. It will automatically active until 28th July.

Q: My Compedium is level 10, where is my immortal item?
A: The immortal items will likely added in the next patch. So be patient.

Q: Which is the easiest task to complete?
A: You can set your favorite player and favorite team to get an easy 25 points each. And you will get to level 2 by completing your Qualifier prediction. After that, completing the 10 heroes challenge will get you 300 points!

Q: I cannot finish my heroes challenge, i cannot use those heroes!
A: You can re-roll your heroes once. However, it is recommended that you should finish the currently easy heroes as the completed heroes will not be re-rolled.

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