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Posted by on May 20, 2015 | 0 comments

The First Immortal Treasure Arrived!

The first set of the Immortal Treasure has just arrived. The first? Yes, because there will 3 sets of Immortal Treasure this year. And recently the first one is unlocked and we got 8 items for 7 different heroes. Let’s check it out!

Spirit Breaker: Iron Surge
Spirit Breaker Iron Surge
One of the best set in this batch. The new animation of Charge of Darkness looks so awesome that you maybe don’t want to activate your Shadow Blade so the enemy can see this awesomeness!

Luna: Moonfall
Luna Moonfall
As the title said, the new Eclipse looks so beautiful like a bright light from the moon fall into the enemies.

Magnus: Shock of the Anvil
Magnus Shock of the Anvil
Another one of Valve’s best custom animation. The Shock Wave looks like a completely different spell!

Pugna: Draining Wight
Pugna Draining Wight
This item will give you a custom Mana Flare effect. It’s nice but consider you’re not lucky enough if you get this comparing to the others.

Sand King: Barren Crown
Sand King Barren Crown
Another nice but not too great Immortal Treasure item. The new Burrow Strike is indeed seem more flashy, but that’s all.

Huskar: Searing Dominator
Huskar Searing Dominator
Whoaaaa! Watch out for that jumping troll! The new Life Break is really cool! Or should I said flamy?

Night Stalker: Black Nihility (Very Rare)
Night Stalker Black Nihility
This full set of items (5) is indeed worth the very rare drop rate. The new animation as well as the item itself turn Night Stalker into a whole different level of stalker!

Luna: Golden Moonfall (Extremely Rare)
Luna Golden Moonfall
The gold version of Moonfall. The light turn into gold. But if I had to choose, I prefer getting the Night Stalker set than this item.

What do you got for your first Immortal Treasure? Mine? I got the Spirit Breaker’s Iron Surge! Yeah! Share yours on the comment section.

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