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Posted by on May 29, 2015 | 0 comments

The Immortal Treasure 2 has Arrived!

Even though it’s a little bit late, Valve finally released the Immortal Treasure 2 which contains 8 new gears. Each items will give you custom ability effects or attack animation of the equipped hero. The Compedium owner will receive an Immortal Treasure 2 and you can earn more by leveling up your 2015 Compedium. Can’t wait to see what they are? Check these out!

Leshrac: Tormented Staff
Lesrach Tormented Staff
The brand new staff provide a purplish yet sophisticated animation of the Split Earth. If you love to play Leshrac, you will be lucky to have this!

Disruptor: Resistive Pinfold
Disruptor Resistive Pinfold
What can I say.. This is one my favorite custom effect in the Immortal Treasure 2. Awesome work Valve on this one! The Kinetic Field looks like an ultimate now with this custom effect.

Anti-Mage: The Basher Blades
Anti-Mage The Basher Blades
It seems Valve knows that Cranium Basher is a must item for Anti-Mage and they are creating a special effect when you equipped with it. This item also give you a new animation for the Mana Void.

Faceless Void: Jewel of Aeons
Faceless Void Jewel of Aeons
The item itself doesn’t look that great, but wow, the new animation of the Timewalk is blew me out. While some people said that it could gave enemy the direction where you are going, I would still equip this item when I have it!

Sven: Vigil Signet
Sven Vigil Signet
Hmmmm.. I’m sure some people will hate this item. While the new Warcry animation is awesome, I don’t like the new attack animation which using your SHIELD to hit the enemy instead of the sword! I know the shield is glowing and looks awesome, but it doesn’t mean you should use it to attack.

Tinker: RollerMawster
Tinker RollerMawster
Awesome new animation of March of the Machine! The only drawback is it will be easier for the enemy to know the range of your skill.

Shadow Fiend: Arm of Desolation (Very Rare)
Shadow Fiend Arms of Desolation
This very rare item will modify Shadow Fiend’s attack animation as well as occasional grazing effect on the path he walking on. As the name suggested, this item will also give you special attack animation when equipped with Desolator.

Anti-Mage: Golden Basher Blades (Extremely Rare)
Anti-Mage Golden Basher Blades
This extremely rare item provides the gold version of The Basher Blades ability effects. Personally, I prefer the Basher Blades than this item, the gold seems a little bit mismatch with the Anti-Mage blueish costume.

Well, do you already have your 2015 Compedium? Let’s open our treasure box and share what you got here!

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