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Posted by on Jul 11, 2015 | 0 comments

The Immortal Treasure 3 Finally Here!

Finally.. Even though it takes the longest time, the Immortal Treasure 3 will not disappoint you. Almost all of them is worth to have. Personally, I really want that Super Saiya Invoker! Can’t wait to see them all? Check out their preview below!

Bristleback: Piston Impaler
Piston Impaler Bristleback
Awesome! Look at that mechanical piston that spread Bristleback’s spikes! I wish I can get a hold of this item! As you can see from the picture, the Piston Impaler will let you have a custom Quill Spray!

Gyrocopter: Atomic Ray Thrusters
Atomic Ray Thrusters Gyrocopter
This item will give you a beautiful Rocket Barrage custom animation! The item itself looks amazing in the Gyrocopter. However, this item is not one of my favorite in this batch.

Witchdoctor: Bonkers the Mad
Bonkers the Mad Witchdoctor
Okay, I have to say this item really bring the beach and hula-hula into the Dota 2 scene. The monkey will run circling you and the Witchdoctor is dancing with the Coconut tree in his back during the Death Ward! Bonkers the Mad will also change the Paralyzing Cask animation into bunch of Coconut bouncing around the enemies! Awesome item!

Invoker: Magus Apex
Magus Apex Invoker
My favorite item on the Immortal 3 Treasure. This item will turn Songoku.., oh sorry, Invoker transform into Super Saiya! The Orb will also change, not to mention the new Sun Strike animation. Totally worth to get if you can play Invoker!

Nature’s Prophet: Sufferwood Sapling
Sufferwood Sapling Natures Prophet
A beautiful item which will wrap Nature’s Prophet during Teleport. But the item itself doesn’t feel to special since there are already a lot of Nature’s Prophet’s weapons available.

Meepo: Collosal Crystal Chorus
Collosal Crystal Chorus Meepo
Well, I’m not sure you will be happy if getting this item, there not much Meepo’s player in the Dota 2. Despite of that, this item offer you an unique sound during Poof (Valve called it Pooftone). If you can play Meepo, I think you will love this item.

Templar Assassin: Focal Resonance
Focal Resonance Templar Assassin
Focal Resonance seems really nice in the Templar Assassin’s hands. It’s like a blade that keep moving in really high speed. This item will also give you custom animation during Meld’s attack and Psionic Blade.

Zeus: Righteous Thunderbolt (Very Rare)
Righteous Thunderbolt Zeus
Righteous Thunderbolt makes the regular Zeus a god that lose his Thunder. This very rare item looks really awesome as it makes your Zeus holding a Thunder on his hand. The custom Lightning Bolt doesn’t seem to special though. Worth to get!

Gyrocopter: Golden Atomic Ray Thrusters (Extremely Rare)
Golden Atomic Ray Thrusters Gyrocopter
The gold version of Atomic Ray Thusters. Despite the Extremely Rare tag, I will prefer getting Zeus’ Thunder than this item.

Well, what do you got from your box? Share it in the comment section!

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